What does Lightshaw Meadows do for us?

Nature walk

Lightshaw Meadows provides vital benefits to people which will be particularly important as our climate changes in the future.

  • Lightshaw Meadows provides ‘green infrastructure’ which – when properly managed – can help to protect local communities from flooding. It is predicted that as a result of climate change our winters will become wetter, resulting in increased flooding from rivers. Lightshaw Meadows will be able to take some of the strain when river levels rise, acting as a buffer zone or a natural flood defence which absorbs some of the water and protects the people living downstream.
  • Lightshaw Meadows provides ‘green infrastructure’ which will reduce the surrounding air temperature should temperatures rise as a result of climate change and therefore helping to prevent the associated health risks such as heat stroke and dehydration.
  • Trees in Lightshaw Meadows provide us with shade from higher temperatures.
  • Trees and plants in Lightshaw Meadows absorb carbon which is contributing to climate change.
  • Lightshaw Meadows provides a place for people to enjoy nature and its tranquillity.